Eagles News · Spring Sports Updates

Here is an update on spring sports. We will have Middle School and High School Track, Middle School and High School Softball and we will have Middle School Baseball. Due to very low numbers we will not have High School Baseball.

Practice starts tomorrow for High School Softball after school in the gym 4:00.

Middle School baseball will be starting soon, look for more information on this later this week.

There are a couple meetings coming up on Monday. The Middle School  and High School track team is holding a meeting at 7:00 this is for parents and athletes. The middle school and high school softball team will have a meeting as well. This meeting is starting at 6:22 and Middle School athletes please be ready to practice after the meeting if time is allowed. This meeting will be in the commons and is for both high school and middle school parents and athletes. They will be going over team rules and expectations.

If you are interested in any of our spring sports please reach out to our coaches:

MS Track: Chandra Raminski, cruminski77@gmail.com
HS Track: Mike Gregory, michaelgregory1326@gmail.com
MS Baseball: Jeff Lowe, jeff.lowe@dcschool.org
MS Softball: Jon Haskins, laura_haskins@yahoo.com
HS Softball: Andrea Hovda, andrea.hovda@dcschool.org